What Our Customers Usually Ask


Do you have this product in stock?

A quick check on our database, and we can already let you know if the product you are searching for is in stock or not. In case of the latter, we can use the Home Hardware system to check on pricing and availability and order the item on your behalf according to your specifications. This ships within a week’s time on average.


What's your price for this item? 

We can easily provide the customer with the current prices of any of our stocking products with a simple check of our database. For non-stocking or special order products, prices can be accessed via the Home Hardware system, which has a database of over 100,000 products, including product lines from vendors that we do not distribute.

Is my special order in?

Our weekly Home Hardware truck delivery combined with our own truck run, vendor trucks, and couriers makes it possible for us to get your special order to you in the soonest time possible. As soon as your special order is received, we will contact you to arrange pickup or delivery.


Can you set me up with a contractor?

Yes, we can. This is an option that most of our customers prefer because it eliminates the headache of finding the right people for the job. Our team of experts will handle every step of the job for you at no hidden costs. Best of all, our Home Installs professionals are all completely knowledgeable about every aspect of the job, including local building regulations, so you can rest easy knowing that your project is being done right from start to completion.