Top Three Questions from Contractors         


What is the price for this item?

By simply checking our system, we can already provide you with the current prices for any of our stocking products. Prices for non-stocking or special order products are accessible via the Home Hardware system. With a database of over 100,000 products, we can even provide you with the prices of product lines from vendors that are not part of our distribution.


Do you have this product in stock?

We can provide real-time feedback if the product you are searching for is in stock or not with a quick check of our system. In case the product you are searching for is unavailable, we can check on pricing and availability via the Home Hardware system, and even order the item for you based on your specifications. On average, orders of this sort usually takes a week to fulfill and ship.


Can you deliver my order?

We have a full line of delivery trucks on hand to deliver your items to your site within the town of Barrhead, or even as far as northern Alberta. Our delivery trucks range from 1-tone tilt decks to 5-tone rigs with forklift capability, so you can be certain that your items are in good hands as they make their way to your site.