Special Orders


Just because we don't have it in our store doesn't mean that we can't provide it for you.


Barrhead Home Building Centre offers you a hassle-free transaction through our Special Orders. Should you not find the specific item that you need among more than the 100,000 products we have access to, do not fret. With Special Orders, we can easily procure anything that you need, either from our roster of suppliers or from other Home Building Centre branches. Please do not hesitate to approach any of our staff to place your order. 


We specialize in windows, roof trusses and engineered floors, as well as flooring, kitchen cabinets, windows, lighting, bath renovations, and paint, among others. We'll be happy to get you what you need.


If you would like to place an order, or just find out more about Special Orders, please fill out the form below.

Special Orders Form

Enter in confidence!  Your information is kept private at all times and never shared with any third party.