It's that time of year when we are finally outside in our yards cleaning up and assessing what needs to be done and what we really want to do.  One thing that will be immediately noticeable, especially before the lawn greens up and the leaves are on our trees, is the condition of the exterior stained surfaces we have.  The two most prominent structures in our yards are likely the deck and fence, which are generally are made of wood, whether treated or untreated.  These surfaces always need maintenance to retain their beauty and their performance as a structure.  It's easy to put these messy jobs of staining or painting to the side and focus on other jobs that we perceive as easier, especially when there are a lot of different products and tools on the market that can make decisions more difficult. Personally, I have a home with cedar siding that faces south, and over the years I've had plenty of questions about how to keep the appearance of the woodwork on my home looking its best. Fortunately, the paint and stain experts are our stores are ready to help! Why not make this the year you stain or paint those projects -- and get outdoors before August to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

So how and when can I stain? This is probably the most important question followed by: What preparation do I need to do? From materials, prep and colour selection, Home Hardware has lots of articles and resources to help you get started.

How & When Can I Stain?.